Wednesday, September 5, 2007

sunday best

Sundays. "Day of rest", "Sabbath", "Sleep-in-day"; whatever its called, it sounds good. I found myself reflecting on the life I'm living, and there's no better day then Sunday; the end of a week, the beginning of another.

It's probably one of mankind's greatest gift, the mind. Seated comfortably in church on Sunday, I'm nodding in response to the preacher who's preaching his heart out, but I couldn't help but take a good look around. If there was a giant LCD screen projecting our thoughts, scanning the congregation would be like flipping through TV channels - shows like 'Saturday Night Rewinds' and 'Whats for Lunch Today?' among many others would be airing LIVE in their heads.

I could help but realise that in those few seconds, I had ventured into my very own reality TV show. Guilty of being on a taking a mind trip that Sunday, I confess and repent of my sinful ways. Buy Message-to-Go, I shall.

Sunday Service in a box. 'Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so' , a Sunday School classic. Do I love Him? If I were a book, would my stories tell of my love for Him? I begin to go further in thought...the Sunday Mentality.

the lies

Sunday Service...
  • It's like going for to the movies. High expectations? I might be let down terribly. It's best to have zero expectations, in that way I might pleasantly surprised.

  • Its burning a hole in my pocket. Worship was alright, here's my dollar. Impress me with heartfelt video clips and I just might take up the Missions Pledge.

  • My weekly Stand Up Comedy dose. Humour me, dear Pastors & Leaders. I've had a long week already, The Bible's a great bunch of stories, but I need something closer to home.

  • A wardrobe change. It's bound to get people to notice me. Speaking of Sunday best, I am. I've got a new mask and great smile, no one's perfect in church anyway.

  • Wish List. Attended church on Sunday...check! God is pleased now. Ahem. "Hey God, you've got to get me that Ipod. I really want it. "
the truth
  • expect nothing, I get nothing.

  • My money isn't actually mine...I'm a steward of what He has given me.

  • I need the Truth more than just humour. The truth may hurt, but the Truth also sets me free.

  • Sunday Service isn't about me. Changes on the inside matters more & no one is perfect, but Jesus is the benchmark.

  • Having a great relationship with Him is what matters most, not being religious.

The Sunday Mentality? There's only one mindset I should strive to put on ...the mind of Christ. He created the SUN, He numbers our DAYS. He deserves my best on Sundays. He deserves my best.