Thursday, February 7, 2008

security blankets

Chinese New Year - spelt "HOLIDAY" to me, I really thank God for the... CHINESE! Mandarin oranges, pork invasion and li'l red packets just bring out the white teeth [Off-white to be precise.] 'Twas all good.

Now - everything's kicking into gear. Busy's just another four-lettered word. Pardon me for spotting em', I just can't help it. Seriously. But yeah, busy-ness is often related to time - or the lack of it. Wow. What a revelation!

"I've got no time!" seemed to be the perfect lip sealer to potential burdens and invitations that trespass my comfort zone. I kinda wished that time was stretchable. Adding seconds to minutes, minutes to hours. Being stretched is really uncomfortable - you should try it if you haven't already. A friend of Charlie Brown, I played Linus with his favourite blanket.

Stretched - Doing something that isn't me, not 'my thing'. Uhh - uncomfortable. It almost feels like being asked to...walk on water. "That's you, dude - this is me we're talking about here. Hello?" TV ads and scripts - I like! Write songs - not too bad. Write congregational-friendly songs - kiddin' me, right? I write stuff that's personal, stuff that's meant more for listening than a sing-along. I don't write those kinda stuff. You know what I mean? It's just

"It's not about you." Ouch*

Walking on water? Yeah, I'd give it a try if i were a stone's throw from the shore; but not in the middle of the sea. That's just crazy. "Come."- Alright, I'll give it a try. Here goes...

First step. Second step. The sea's gonna swallow me - Uh, God - why did I even step out of the boat? Save me!

"Believe. It's not about you. Believe in the One who calms the raging seas. Believe in the One who walks on water. Believe in Me. "

Alright. Here I go.

I don't know what pregnancy and giving birth to a child feels like, but quoting a friend: "it's really painful, really uncomfortable... yet bearable." Wow, again. Personally, the last part appeals to me the most. And when li'l baby pops out - the smiles tell it all. It was worth every uncomfortable ounce a body could take. In fact, the infamous stretch marks serve as a great memoir of a miracle.

It's not about me.

Being stretched and walking out of my comfort zone...Here I come, Baby.