Monday, October 20, 2008

"She'll be coming round the mountain.."

I reckon that it's a really big mountain called.. Marriage. I'm cringing at the thought of even putting it into words, but then again - everyone talks about it. Yeah, from the li'l girl who holds her younger brother's hand to the old man who rocks away in his favourite chair gloating endlessly about his late wife; I think the definition gets clearer with maturity.

Ideally, some of us would love for marriage to function like an instant noodles a microwave - putting our  'hunger' thoughts into action, and hitting the 2-minute dial. Instant noodles? Far from healthy. Speaking of food and as far as sugar levels are concerned, wedding cakes seem to be extra SWEET. *Hmm. Heck, maybe its just me.

If the "Marriage" checklist had only two checkboxes labeled "Husband" and "Wife", I think it might just be.. (in a highly dramatized tone) - a freakin' volcano! Keeping it together? I'm banking on whole load of other prerequisites - the vows made to each other at the altar & the the sacrifices the couple has to make as individuals, for better or worse indeed. 

Don't mind me, I've been hanging out with enough newlyweds to catch just a glimpse of marriage life from the 'outside'; giving me a thumbs up when 'sex' is mentioned and the occasional "Dude, I wish I could but I'm married", flashing me their li'l reminder of their commitment - the ring. "Wait till you get married, you'll understand then." Hey, I probably*  will.  

Moving past the wedding glitter into living as 'one', who's really "Lord of the rings" ? Gosh - though a common problem-solving trait, I'd hate to imagine 'Rock, Scissors and Paper' being the only solution to decisions. 

As for me? I'm the bachelor guy in between the li'l girl and the old man; taking down and comparing notes - yet living and obeying, loving and believing as I hum along "...when she comes" with my bench mates.   

* "Probably means there's a good chance" - Chris Gardner to his son in "The Pursuit of Happyness"