Thursday, July 2, 2009


Beyond the developing 6-in-1 abdominal "muscles", the months are flippin' rapidly as with a story desperate for an ending. Scary? You bet. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I'm tempted to call the cops - "Hey Officer, I'd like to report a robbery. Couldn't really get a clear description of the thief, but the loss is pretty major. Someone stole my... TIME."

Mega-dramatic? A little.

Time: it's not about refunds but rather...returns. The outcome of the expenditure. Catching up with a friend over dinner, we jumped into the all-too-familiar "Wow, time really flies when you're having fun"; it's all about perspective, no qualms about that. But what happens when 'all-the-fun-under-the-sun' gets a li'l too scorchy and dry?

Hmm. Someone I'd like to chat up? The Samaritan woman at the well. I call her Ms. Samaria - I've a hunch she was a li'l on the foxy side (for the record: Megan Fox is way overrated). But beyond that, Ms. Samaria had one of the longest 'one-on-one' conversations with a seemingly thirsty, underrated bloke named Jesus... recorded in the Bible.

Here's a rundown:

He's sits at the well. She arrives with an empty jar. He asks her for a drink. She snubs him. He offers her better water. Ooh! She yabbers on ancestral stories. He asserts her - its the only Water she'd ever need. She's smitten. She wants. He tells her to call her husband. She denies having one. He busts her fib - 5 husbands and counting. Ouch. She puts him in the 'Holy' box. She puts on her 'holy veil' and starts a mountain of a story on worship and God. He tells her worship isn't not really about 'where' but 'who'. She snubs him again and speaks of a Saviour who knows best. He goes "I am He." Duh! His mates arrive with lunch - "Jesus talking to Ms. Samaria?" Awkward. She runs off leaving her jar behind. She twitters about Him to her 'world'.

Discovery Channel gets a new story: Ladies and gentlemen, Samaria has found...Living Water.

The dry spell. We were made for all-seasons, and the seasons have us made - bringing out the good and the ugly. What a reminder! I need those 'one-on-one' conversations. I need a refill. Is my jar empty? What's it filled with? Runners need water... I need the Living Water.

"Time and tide wait for no man."

Jesus? He wasn't thirsty... He was merely waiting. He still is. It's about time.