Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hitting the button

I suffered a mild trauma recently - I kinda reseted my entire phone; it was a 'hard reset' next thing i knew.."Contact List - empty". Uhh..shucks. Dumb move? Major. Almost immediately, I caught myself crossing my toes hoping for clues to numerous SMSes and calls. It kinda felt like I was roped into a game show *"Who's that?". Heck, I wasn't faring too well.

Technically, I lost about 300 friends in one day.

If there's ONE you can't leave home without.. it wouldn't be my mobile phone. I've gotten used to walking around with a dead battery. Some wise crack on YouTube once said "the most dramatic creations on earth are batteries - they just die." Well said.

Back to my 'island', I caught myself applauding the creators of Facebook and Friendster - they're foresaw this dreadful day taking place eons ahead through some prophecy jinx, and had ME in mind. I'm a survivor - Thanks folks, I'm truly touched and I owe you a testimonial, better yet... a Hatching Gift?

Making friends? All you need is some cream. In fact, it's really like OREO's : Two cookies + cream filling : two different people with a common ground in the center. Sweet, now all it needs is a good dunk into an engaging glass of milk and you've got yourself a keeper.

Honestly, I've been a real tough cookie. 'Keep in touch' never amounted anything more than a parting statement. I was a nomad - and when it was time to move, I moved, holding on to nothing more than experiences, memories and a backpack. Freaking tourist? Ouch. Nothing to be proud of, I discovered that I wasn't a feather after all (about time eh?).

It was time to 'settle down', to get rooted and to bear fruits rather than weeds. It was time I asked myself "What am I on earth for?" rather than procrastinate & choke on "What on earth am I here for!?" It was time to hold an account for relationships and friendships, for people I have come in contact with ... and to be accountable.

Going beyond the name and face, I was 'superpoked' into the reality curve; its not really about the ONE THING I'd wish to be remembered for but rather, zooming in on the message behind the whole hypothesis of leaving a legacy - how many lives have I impacted?

"I shouldn't be alive... unless it was for a reason. I'm not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it's right." - Tony Stark
aka Iron Man

*"Who's That" is an imaginary game show that airs occasionally in the occurrence of familiar faces appearing without names at awkward hours. Joel almost never scores & pretty much walks away empty handed at the end of the day.