Tuesday, September 16, 2008

die another day

Mr. Chewbacca's ready to hit the streets too. [appearance courtesy of  Joel Loi]
She'd cringe at the thought of stepping up to a weighing scale,  but let it not be said that she's just grown sideways but also upwards. Today, Malaysia sits for her tests - History and Civics; studying age old lessons and fighting for civil rights... moving from mere knowledge to action. 

In a matter of hours, radical changes are set to rock the the nation. As much as I enjoyed Cloverfield, I'd hate to be caught in the way of a rampaging creature, let alone documenting my last words on a video camera. Whoever came up with the term "lucky clover" certainly didn't have these folks in mind. 

Hope keeps us going from one chapter in life to another. If the world ended tomorrow, I'd probably be found with a spoonful of Jamoca Almond Fudge* in my mouth... I'm all for happy endings.

*The best Baskin Robbin's ice cream flavour hands-down. Tied down to a major project,  the writer is open and immediately accepts the notion of a SPONSORSHIP programme as he holds the "Will Write For Ice Cream" sign.