Monday, July 30, 2007

cat killer

Its thrilling to find that as humans we've made it freakishly far, messing around with science, which is really like a sponge that could never be squeezed dry. Speaking about sponges, I remember talking to a friend once about .. CURIOUSITY. Some say its a divine gift, others point their fingers toward dead cats. Stretching the limits, walking on the borders - we'll just hit the "unity" button on this and agree that curiousity achieves something : it gets your lazy ass off the couch.

I was a curious li'l kid. At 5, I recall watching a dear ol' uncle of mine, (he's a great guy) take great big puffs out of his big black pipe, the smoke ocassionally finding its way into my nostrils. What on earth was that thing? Big bro & I were regulars at this uncle's house, as my parents occasionally left us in his care as they occasionally went for child-free(hassle-free) occasions. That day arrived. When dear ol' uncle had hurriedly left to answer a phone call upstairs. A real long phone call, I guess. The pipe sparkled. It was still brewing, we could tell from the smoke. Big bro & I looked at each other. He grabbed it, devoured it and passed it on to me. What a great brother! In my head... I was already tasting Chup a Chups' & Melody Pop. Here goes.

* vomit .

That's exactly what we did. It tasted so bad, that we had indigestion and had to be put to bed early. Dear ol' uncle sorta figured out we had our mouths on his precious pipe. Cut the long story short, Curiousity must have had its bests laughs in months. Lesson learnt : Don't smoke.

I always wondered why I was never drawn to cigarrettes, but it kinda hit me just looking at the ashtray laid in front of me at a 'mamak. I was probably traumatised. A hidden scar. Right there, I was also curious to know why I wasn't drawn to beer, and ..let's just say, that's whole other chapter.

Curiousity. Sometimes, its just a matter of leading it on the right path, pulling the breaks before the lights turn red *(heck do it when its orange). Other times, its best to stay clear, to stay far away. Don't sulk over 'what might have been', just keep moving. Yeah, I guess that's exactly what it does : Curiousity gets you moving; moving forward or backward - that's the next step.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

she's hot

She's alot like the girl-next-door. There's just something different about her. She may not be a blonde, but her smile is just captivating. She's multi-talented. She's independent. She's cultured. She may not wear the most expensive dress, but she looks good in nearly anything. People love being around her. Caught with a punctured tire, she ain't afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, if you happen to be walking home, she might just offer you a ride. Just when you think you've got her all figured out, she'll amaze you with her appetite, better yet - her love for food. She's just full of surprises, ones that just draw you closer to her. At her front door, she already makes you feel .. at home.


Putting patriotism into perspective, the stats prove we made it big time on the global map - mainly for piracy & suspected linkage to terrorism. Hah - just what we need, a distorted mirror from the ol' Haunted House. Yay..we're a blip on the world's radar, now it's a matter of reflecting who we really are, and what we have to offer. Having faith in Malaysia, believing in ourselves.

We ain't terrorist, we're the BOMB. It's time we step out, blow mindsets and impact nations.

This whole thing about being an INFLUENCE has gotten me all riled up, in a good way. Yeah, there's a place for stoners in the world, but I guess it's a real small corner. Just living life today, what kind of impact would I have on tomorrow? A legacy isn't something you pick up at the 7-Eleven store next door, it's something you leave behind. I guess this is where the
beatitudes kick in.

“You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.” - Saint Augustine

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

america's favourite dysfunctional family

I wasn't kidding...I did grab a donut. Can't believe the Simpsons are actually making it to the big screens. I couldn't resist checking out their site online and, man...they've got a great one! Being a fan of the americanized Korean art characters, I decided to go one step further :

that's me!

Alright, now I feel connected! It was an itch i had to scratch. The website's cool, the mini-games, downloads and stuff...worth checking out - they just made my day, sorta night actually. Now i can have a good night's rest. Woohoo!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

more than meets the eye - influence

Life Party hit it off well on REWIND, but for now...I'd love to sink myself in a hot tub and click the PAUSE button. Just one of those days, I guess. I know I'm gonna get boo-ed and dunked into some trash can, but the TRANSFORMERS fad just gets me to literally Laugh Out Loud. Don't get me wrong, I love Transformers - its the people that are driving me nuts.

Seriously. Watching 20-30 year olds having a conversation about the movie & its origins, the ringtones and mp3s, the wallpapers, the T-shirts, the's intriguing. We ain't that far from the first caveman discovering fire. We're easily amused, but maybe that's a good thing! Someone who walks out of the cinema muttering "alright lah"deserves to be repeatedly punched in the face for trying to be different or for just having bad taste. [Hope that convinced you that I'm a fan of the robots]

Being old-fashioned suddenly ain't so bad after all. We just have to spunk it up a li'l by giving it a cool name : RETRO , create some hype and ... RETRO is IN! Amazing huh? Bet the older folks never saw this coming, else e-bay would be flooded with 'mint-condition' perishables. Oh wait, maybe the e-bay thing was their idea. Man, they're a brilliant bunch.

Recalling a conversation with Ps.Kenneth the other day, he brought up an excellent point - 'Someone had to say it was IN', or 'cool'. The power of influence. Paris Hilton could make a purse or handbag a girl's next To-Buy-List, even though in a practical could only fit a couple of dollars into it - which then again would fit perfectly into pockets in your jeans. So in fact, you actually don't need the purse, but it's cool. Again, fashion statements are great, but blame Paris for the rising victims of snatch thieves. Wearing "Bling" achieves its purpose in capturing everyone's attention...everyone ;)

Influence - I guess it's a lot like sugar. You could coat nearly anything & everything & make em' taste sweet. But whether it tastes good, that's a whole other story. What influences me? Who influences me? Who do I influence? What sort of influence am I?

Just talking about sugar gets me all high and hungry. Where's the nearest Dunkin' Donuts again?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

boys will be boys

Just putting these 3 words together would have anyone & almost everyone yell - “Yeah right.” A great one liner for aspiring stand-up comedians. Just uttering them would be one way to get shipped off to join Tom Hanks on his li’l Cast Away Island. What made the whole ordeal more challenging was gearing 20 guys up for it…a good, clean & fun Bachelor Party.

We achieved the impossible. Well, maybe the ‘clean’ part was compromised a li’l but we deserve a slot in the Malaysian Book of Records. Just reflecting on a friend’s Bachelor Party, Robin Hood & His Merry Men was on screen in my head.

The Bachelor's rendition of "It Ends Tonight"

Well, at least we know for a fact that this is friend’s straight - now that he’s a married man - A whole new chapter where he fits into the shoes of a husband, and one day … the cute baby Nike shoes for his kids.

I recall reading a li’l story on a couple that prayed & toiled day and night for their dream wedding. It was a blast – everything was according to plan & picture perfect. The newly weds praised God…and He replied “Great wedding! Now please invite me into your marriage.” A good reminder that it’s important to have Him in every area & detail of my life, not just the ones which are out of my reach.

Back to good, clean fun... we gotta stuff it into a time capsule - It's on the verge of extinction.

*this post is a tribute to the newly weds - Peng Hoe & Rosalind. Here's to 7 new pairs of toddler shoes & 7 minutes of silence. Cheers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

pigs take the skies

The pigs took Tony Fernandez's words, "Now everyone can fly" seriously. It's high time they got their flying privileges . Seeing them all buckled up and comfortable with the red caps in mid-air, I guess it's about time for me to attempt to walk the talk : talking with my mind and walking with my fingers. Although the fingers tend to get fat, & the mind... a li'l lazy, they're a great couple. You'll be aquainted soon enough.

Monday reflections often are filled with the "I can't wait for the weekend' vibes, but somehow this week, the weekdays are like vibrating atoms. Something I caught this morning :

"Faith is like an elevator. You've got to step in, press the button to get to the level you want to get to, wait patiently..and step out."

The the level of faith you want to reach is entirely & literally in the power of your hands. Your faith will begin to rise to greater heights when you activate the top level buttons. As you wait in anticipation to reach these levels, keep those hands together (in prayer). Finally, as the elevator doors slide open, step out and receive your breakthrough!

Man... this is one exciting week! The elevator's headed up alright :)