Saturday, February 28, 2009

stop, look & listen

Fishing my way at a coffee joint, I hooked myself up to a caffeine-infused conversation between two college punks. The subject matter? "How to score with chicks." Wow, I really felt like grabbing a pen and paper, pulling up a chair and learning from these 'gurus'. Tempting, but in-earphones on 'mute' seemed like a cooler idea. 

Let's call em' Sir Brag-a-lot and Sir Ask-a-lot. 

actual conversation:

Sir Brag-a-lot: Dude, it's easy lah! Just go out in a group, then flirt-flirt with the one u like.

Sir Ask-a-lot: Then?

Sir Brag-a-lot: Then add them in Facebook lah. Facebook can chat oso mah. Whack only, you whack 10 girls...sure got 1 you can 'bang'. 

Sir Ask-a-lot: Sure or not? 

Sir Ask-a-lot: I know lah some girls are quite easy,  but those kinds after get STDs how? 

Sir Brag-a-lot: Dude, use a condom lah. You not like gonna get married to them right? Girls and condoms are the same lah, use one time, after that throw lah... 

*Joel Vijay leaves the 'chat' and hits the PLAY button on his iTunes* 

More than knocking just sense, I felt like knocking the daylights out of them. " That's the kind of advise you'd be giving your own kids one day?" Grabbing the headlines, when Alfie stepped into the 'Daddy' shoes at the age of 13...he just gave the shoe stores a new problem. Seriously? That's like the tip of the iceberg in Problemology. Beyond the "Is Alfie too young to be a father?" debate, it's appalling to find the world eluding, forgetting to even greet the mother-of-the-issue...premarital sex. Hello?

"The heart of the problem, is the problem of the heart." This world needs some saving, and I'm itching to take up... CPR lessons. 

The author's inflicted with a major ear condition; the folk at Jealous Street call it 'eavesdropping'. Learning to master his 'ability',  he's pretty convinced he'll be appearing in the upcoming season of the TV Series, "Heroes".