Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the mirror

Been staring at it alot lately. Beyond the hair-gelling and eye-brow flexing, I think vanity gets a run for its money the second I stop to ponder -"Who am I?". Reminiscing one of Toy Story's famed characters,  Mr. Potato, it's scary to think that I sorta relate to....potatoes. Gosh, the world is coming to an end.

Someone once said, "No two potatoes are identical". That got me head banging for a second. Much like Mr. Potato, many times I caught myself putting 'on' the ears, the eyes, the nose, and the smile. Occasionally, the signature mustache adds to the mysterious outlook. "Hey, I'm no ordinary potato" vibe tends to get the better of me sometimes. What on earth am I doing? I could be earning and soaring the skies now - Buzz Lightyear: to infinity & beyond!

Reading the recent cancer-hoax-controversy had sparked a great 'heart-check'. Beyond the face of 'good works' and talent, who am I really? Am I defined by the seen or the unseen? Are there any areas of blemish I need to deal with? Who do I have in MY closet?


Scary thoughts and insecurities call for the major make-up overdose. Not really a fan of clowns, I'd have to give them credit for the tricks they have up their sleeves, but it's never really enough; churning out new tricks to replace the old, keeping the 'hangar in the mouth' and juggling knives and chain-saws. 

Living a circus act daily? Forget it. Too much work. I'd opt for a visit to the ol' Haunted House of Mirrors for a CHANGE. 

Searching and  dealing with the plank  in his own eye, the writer respects Mike Guglielmucci for confronting the mirror.