Friday, January 9, 2009

cheeky bulls

Bravo, that's the first step in acknowledging the existence of a brain in the human anatomy. Yet, many times in irresistibly allowing the mouth to move quicker than the mind, intelligence is inevitably blown out the windows. Letting the cat out of the bag? Seriously? It looked like a whole herd of Bulls to me.  

Evading curiosity & temptations to read-between-the-lines, these thoughts were ripple effects of a statement I read recently, "Assumption is life's lowest level of knowledge."

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Some folks tend to make assumptions with hopes to appear smart. Keep those hands down, this isn’t a guilt-trip invite! Forget Levi’s and Dockers, ‘Smarty Pants’ have been a fashion favourite ever since… Adam and Eve took up sewing lessons.

Recalling a trip to the zoo last year, speaking of bulls...they're a whole lot bigger (and badder!) than I had pictured em'. The burly-horny-animal (geez, it IS a big animal with horns) would be crowned king in a game of 'Bluff'' - better yet, the front cover of 'Poker-Face' Magazine.

Taking a li’l spin off, it's intriguing how we draw parallel lines between human personalities and animals: 

bull - one who builds sky-crappy tower of lies. 

pig - the glutton, face-stuffer.

elephant - just takes up too much space

chicken - the dude who crossed the road to prove that he wasn't just an egg. Get the yoke?   

monkey - one that swings all around you in attempt to make you feel smart.   

li'l bird - someone you should whisper ONLY your Christmas Wish-list to. 

The list goes on. Yet, the spotlight goes to a four-legged creature that often appears to be the butt of jokes for eons.... the donkey; more fondly known as an ASS. I'm pretty sure there was a conspiracy on board Noah's Ark to leave this infamous creature behind. The humans? Some brainiac decided to high-five the animal kingdom in their ploy - "let's not make an ass of you and me." ASS-U-ME = assume.

Wow, we really took it to the next level...the lowest. Don't be an ass. If Jesus can use a donkey, He can use me? Yup, it doesn't mean you've to become one. We're better than that. (No offense, donkey.) Maybe? Let your "Yes" be "Yes" and your "No", "No," - everything else should fall into 'I don't know, but I'll find out?' 

On a personal mission to the land of Honey Stars, I've decided to toss boxes of assumptions off my rocketship. 

Up, up and away!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Peekaboo! I see... open doors

Catching up on some TV over the holidays, I found myself flippin' through channels from Oprah right up to National Geographic, even catching Australia's Next Top Model - seriously, these folks couldn't get anymore dramatic.

Drama & Reality TV shows? I found myself pondering on watching re-runs of my life - gosh, sadly it wouldn't be as exhilarating as I'd wish it to be. Yet, I'm pretty smugged-up with 2008 - a truckload of engaging experiences; kick-starting the year with a police chase and drawing the curtains by attempting to commit mass murder at a... fish spa (don't ask me about it), 
it's definitely been a good ride and could only get "gooder"! 

2009? You've got anticipation written all over ya. "So excite lah!" -  Here I come!