Friday, January 2, 2009

Peekaboo! I see... open doors

Catching up on some TV over the holidays, I found myself flippin' through channels from Oprah right up to National Geographic, even catching Australia's Next Top Model - seriously, these folks couldn't get anymore dramatic.

Drama & Reality TV shows? I found myself pondering on watching re-runs of my life - gosh, sadly it wouldn't be as exhilarating as I'd wish it to be. Yet, I'm pretty smugged-up with 2008 - a truckload of engaging experiences; kick-starting the year with a police chase and drawing the curtains by attempting to commit mass murder at a... fish spa (don't ask me about it), 
it's definitely been a good ride and could only get "gooder"! 

2009? You've got anticipation written all over ya. "So excite lah!" -  Here I come!


~ Jules ~ said...


Gosh so LALA!


Still here's to a gooder new year =D

Joel Vijay said...

i know, overdose of Penang food o'er the hols. Can't blame me can you? It's gonna be an awesome year, indeed! =)